Friday, September 23, 2011

Professional vs. WE TV Addict

Alright, time for some honesty.  Shocking, I know.  In the past couple of weeks I've talked to several people who titled themselves "professional wedding coordinators."  While speaking with these peeps I didn't really identify them as "professional wedding coordinators."  What came to my mind was a person who watched too much WE tv and wedding shows and decided that coordinating weddings was so easy they would just make a career change.  First off, HA! at the easy comment.  No, let's make that HAHA!

Anyway, with my recent experiences I felt it would be a great time to share with you some red flags to look out for when looking for a true professional wedding coordinator (from this point on wedding coordinator will affectionately be referred to as wc because wedding coordinator is too many letters to type out.  I'm lazy, and I'm ok with that).

~ I've got papers!:  Wedding coordinator classes do not a professional make (I've never understood those type sentences, but always wanted to use them. So booyah!). Anyone can pay, learn the information and receive a paper declaring them something.  However, learning something doesn't always mean you should do it. For example I read how to swallow a sword. Does it mean I should try it? Negative. 
(Disclaimer:  For those who attended/support wc classes I say bravo!  Good for you! Great job! But in my personal opinion not everyone who attends is qualified. Again, personal opinion. Please send your hate mail to those responsible for the new facebook layout).            

~ Drama Queen (or King):  
I don't like drama.  It's such a waste of time and energy.  However, there are those that thrive on drama.  They live for the issues/nonsense/problems and dynamics of the situation.  However, if they are sharing their drama throughout most of their meeting with you, my recommendation is look elsewhere.  And let's lump drama's nasty bff in there, too:  Gossip.  If your "professional wc" is running their mouth about vendors and/or other clients you should not only see red flags, but sirens and whistles and bells and everything else.

~ Rushes you:  If a person acts like they have somewhere more important to be than in your meeting, I would give them the advice that my grandmother gave my sisters when they were misbehaving (not me because I did not misbehave): "Don't let the door knob hitcha where the good Lord splitcha."  The wc's job is to listen to you, talk through things, share ideas and be there for you.  If they are acting like this during meetings then what are they going to do on your wedding day?  Run you down the aisle?

 ~ Reason for becoming a wc:  3 frequent reasons: 
(1) Oh I became a wc because I helped my friend with hers and it was so much fun!  (2)  I went to a wedding a couple of years ago, saw the wc and thought I could easily do that.  (3)  Oh it's such an easy and fun job!  We all have different reasons.  Some logical, some not so much.  Look for more professional answers as well as professional qualifications. 

~ I'm the star, you're the glitter: Some wc's feel your day is all about them. They have made everything happen, they are the reason, it's about them. Wrong. Your wc is there to help you plan, give professional opinions, make your dreams come true, and make your day what you want it to be with as little stress on you as possible. They should not force their ideas on you or make you do things their way.

~ Sketchy or no references:  People, I say this so often I say it in my sleep!!  Ask for references.  Most wc's offer these without being asked, but if they don't then ask!!  And don't just take copies of reference letters.  Ask for emails, facebook, digits.  Professional wc's are prepared to offer these with no hesitation and have the permission of the clients to share their contact info.  Talk to 'em! 

Finding the right wc for you is going to take a little work.  Just as important as references is a personal connection.  Meet up with you potential wc once or twice or many times until you're comfortable with them.  You're putting a lot of trust into them, so really talk to them and get to know them.  Making a personal connection with a wc is invaluable.  They are the one who has to see your vision, understand your needs and make your wedding day dreams happen.  If there isn't that personal connection then it isn't going to happen.

Bottom line is this:
Unprofessional Wedding Coordinator:

Professional Wedding Coordinator:

Most pics on here are stock photos.  However, this is an actual photo taken of our bride on September 03 by friend Anna-Fiona Cooke.  A picture is worth 1,000 words.

Stay Sane!