Thursday, August 18, 2011

Achoo! Achoo! Achoo!

Weddings. You can’t think of the word without thinking of all the mushy mumbo jumbo stuff: cake, love, kisses, cake, new beginnings, a beautiful bride in her gorgeous new gown, cake, a handsome groom in his tux, cake and flowers (achoo, achoo, achoo!  It's rather family always sneezes in multiples.).

Flowers are lovely and serve multiple purposes. Bouquets, decorations, centerpieces, aisle decor, ceremony color. There is just so much to do with them. But what if you can’t handle the flowers? What if you’re allergic, or simply don’t care for flowers? No worries! There are alternatives!

The first and most obvious alternative is fake flowers. Don’t turn your nose up…these babies have come a long way! Use to you could spot a fake flower at 20 paces, but now days they are making them much more realistic! Sometimes they are so good that not only is the look deceiving, but the feel is as well.

Other ideas are:
Cloth flowers
 Sparkly Beads
 Creative Buttons
 Felt Flowers
Christmas Ornaments
 Sea Shells

Or use items that are personal to you.  Maybe your grandmothers had an impressive brooch collection.  Make a bouquet out of them or use some of them in your bouquet.  Whatever material you select, just remember that the creativity is limited only by the imagination of the creator!

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