Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Doggies and kitties and ferrets, oh my!

Before you get too far into this you should know that this article is kinda sorta geared toward dogs. Yes, I know that there are many kinds of pets and many kinds of pet owners. Yes, I know that not all pets have fur and yes, I know that not all pets are spazzes where they will freak out at stuff. However, dogs hold a special place in my heart, as do furry pets. So, it’s my blog and that’s the direction I’m going. No offense to the non-furry, non-dog pets or owners.

The cuteness, the warmness, the fuzziness. We love our little four legged pals. They love us unconditionally, live to please us, comfort us in times of sadness and make us laugh when we’re down. Well, unless you have a cat. Then you’re there to do those things for them, when they allow you to do so.

So it’s your special day and of course you want all of your family there to celebrate. I mean, if Uncle Jack’s third wife’s second cousin once removed is invited then by all means the fur-kids should be there! That’s logic people.

There is no question in your mind that the fur-kids are going to have a role in your wedding. Oh the costumes, the happiness, the squeals of delight, the uniqueness. All fun and games. Or is it?
 You have a lot to consider when deciding whether or not to include the fur-kids. That includes thinking past their outfits. First off will your venue even allow pets? The venue themselves are taking a big risk by doing so. Animals can have accidents, can break things or can even freak out and attack someone. I know what you’re thinking. Attack someone? Oh not my little Billie Willie Boo Bop…. He has never ever been aggressive. Stick him in a room of strangers, lots of smells, lots of noises and lots of stimulation and chances are little Billie Willie is gonna freak.

Ok, let’s move past the idea of Gizmo turning into Cujo and assume the venue will allow you to have the fur-kid there. Where will you put them before the ceremony? Does he usually stay in a crate or roam free? Is there a quiet area that he can hang out without every strange person on the planet stopping by to say hello to him, thus causing nervousness? If your answer is a miraculous yes to these questions then that’s settled and let’s move on.

Ceremony is over. Now what do you do with them? You basically need to ask yourself the same questions as you did for before the ceremony. Where are they going to hang out during big people time?  Oh! I have an idea! Let Fido run from table to table to beg for scraps! That’ll keep your guests entertained! Classy (not).

There is no doubt that all pets hold a special place in our hearts. However, as much as we always want them with us, there are just some times and places that aren’t appropriate. Before you decide to say your I Do’s with the fur-kids around, ask yourself this one main question:
            Is it what’s really best for them?

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