Wednesday, August 10, 2011

NO! I'm Not Walking Down The Aisle and You Can't Make Me!!

Ahhh kids.  They are cute.  Adorable.  Precious.  Then you put them in pretty and uncomfortable clothes, make them stand for hours taking pictures with strangers and no food, and expect them to be all jolly and smiles when walking down the aisle in your wedding.  Seriously?  Under those conditions even Santa wouldn't be jolly. 

Kids are just  They don't understand the importance of smiling for your pics and keeping their clothes stain free.  And guess what...they don't care that it's "your" day.  To them it's all about them and you're just messing with "their" day.

So, what do you do when operation screaming child begins?  Counter act with operation screaming bride?  Haha...good luck with that! 

First, stay calm.  Kids can smell fear.  They know you're about to freak and your weakness will fuel their tantrum.  Breathe and remain calm. 

If the child is just whiny try and find out what the problem is.  Shoes too tight?  Simple solution...let them walk down the aisle barefoot.  It'll be adorable and a quick solution.  Past nap time?  Get them hyped up on caffeine.  Mt. Dews seem to work well.  Kidding!  Try a little drink of water or little snack to nibble on.  This might give them just the boost they need.   

If the situation escalates to where the little one is completely freaking, like screaming and flinging arms, find a less public place to deal with the situation, as well as find their parents.  If you try to discipline them more than likely the parents are going to get a little upset that you're doing so.

Kids are going to do what makes them happy, and sometimes you have to go with the flow.  If they start down the aisle and run to a parent let the parent walk them down or let them stay put.  If they go half way and then turn to run let a family member catch up with them and watch from the back. 

Mainly you have to go with the flow and shrug it off.  If you act like it's no big deal then guests will follow in your footsteps.  And more than likely once you see the beauty of the day you'll forget all about the adorable and darling little one!      

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