Thursday, August 4, 2011

Uniquely You!

We’ve all been there. Wedding after wedding, friend after friend who are all getting married close to the same time. Trends are great, but if there is no imagination or personalization popular trends can cause events to have similarities. Sometimes to the point that it’s like same event, different couple. These are commonly referred to as “cookie cutter weddings.”

So how do you avoid having a wedding where people feel like they’ve been there, done that? Simple…find ways to insert your personalities into your day. It’s okay to use trends, but tweak them to make them represent you.

I know what you’re thinking: “Tweak them?” “Find inspiration?” “I’m OCD and you want me to insert my personality into my wedding??” “Are you crazy???” The answer to all these will be revealed soon. Well, except that last question…that’s between me and my shrink.

Inspiration can be found everywhere. Movies, books, the seasons, hobbies, interests, flowers, colors… EVERYWHERE!

Let’s start with an easy one: color. There are a billion ways to incorporate colors into your day. If you’re going with hot pink then wear hot pink shoes, or a clip in your hair. Use hot pink flowers for the boutonnières or have the guys wear vests of that color.

Big on traveling? Collect postcards and use them as table decorations. Or have each table have décor related to somewhere you’ve been or want to go (have centerpieces with sand and sea shells for the beach, or tulips and mini windmills for Holland).

College sweethearts? I know this will come as a shock, but most brides don’t want a wedding planned around college sports. I‘ll wait for the “gasps“ to subside. There are simple ways to incorporate that love of your alma mater with going full on pep rally. Maybe a touch of school colors here and there, such as with table runners or with flowers. The topper of the groom’s cake can be the school logo. Or even have engagement photos made where you’re sitting in a classroom and passing a note.

Love ice cream or desserts? Forego the traditional wedding cake and have a dessert bar filled with your favorite sweets. Bring in an ice cream buffet where guests can select their flavor and then put on their own toppings.

If you like it then use it! Look for things that incorporate your own personalities. By personalizing your day you are guaranteeing your guests will have an experience like no other! One that is uniquely yours!

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